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Richard Chatelain, your family lawyer in Vanier, Ottawa

Richard Chatelain is a lawyer specialized in family and children’s rights and he is here to help you during the period of transition after a separation. In some families where children are involved, it is important for parents to be more delicate with their decisions. With over fifteen years of experience, Chatelain will do everything in his power to make this transition less difficult for the children, as he sincerely believes that the children’s rights should always be put first during that time, because they need to be protected. Not making the right decisions for them can lead to devastating consequences, like the children being taken by social services against their own will and against the parents’ will as well, which can be destructive for families.

It might seem complicated to keep the family values or keep the family together during such trials but Richard Chatelain makes it his priority to do so. One of the reason why he chose to practice law in family rights is because family values are personally very important to him. For that matter, he believes that every major decision during the separation should be taken in the best interest of your children, as you might be facing some tough dilemmas.

For example, when it comes to the children’s custody, many factors will determine the outcome, one of them being the attitude of the parents, which is why they can’t afford to make irrational decisions. During that time, there will be decisions made on who is best suited to have control and care of the children, whether it will be joint, shared, or sole custody. Other factors like visitation rights will also be determined during that time. Because these decisions are so important and are potentially life-changing for your family, it is best to have a compassionate and expert professional like M Chatelain, who is determined to protect your children and their well-being.

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Reduce the additional legal stress caused by a separation with the help of Richard Chatelain, family rights lawyer in Ottawa

If you are in the Vanier area and need a Family right’s lawyer, Richard Chatelain is your best option. When children are involved, he makes it his priority to keep them safe and protected during the transition your family might be experiencing after a separation.

Having the right kind of legal advice and knowledge will make the next steps a lot easier. Because children’s rights are so important, once their security or their well-being is in jeopardy, the children can be taken by social services against their will and their parent’s which can be devastating and destructive for both parties.

Richard Chatelain is the best family lawyer to help you in such circumstances, as he has been keeping families happy for over fifteen years, and it can be your story as well.

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Richard Chatelain, family lawyer in Ottawa is specialized in children’s protection. It is most likely that a person going through a separation will get emotional, and when children are involved, it can become even more heartbreaking because of the potential life-changing decisions that can be made.

Any friction between the parents however, can have awful consequences on the children because the parent’s failure to behave accordingly can lead the children to be taken away by the system or they might be deprived from one of their parents during a custody battle. To avoid putting them in such situations, we recommend that you contact an experienced lawyer like Richard Chatelain who is truly compassionate and cares about your family and your children. M Chatelain will help you make the best legal decisions, so call him today, he will answer all your questions.

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